Looking Inward – A Swim in Lake You!

This past weekend I headed to Sedona and Scottsdale for a long weekend with my sister and best friend of almost 20 years. We had an amazing time together, and I believe we all learned a little something about our life direction and ourselves.

While watching this week’s Apprentice, I heard Mark McGrath tell Gary Bussey – dude, it’s time to look inward and take a swim in lake YOU! I loved that line and thought it fit perfectly for my trip.

Here’s what I learned in Sedona.

My Strength has Become My Weakness. I’ve been a strong, solid rock of a human being for a long time – more than likely around eight years old I took on that role, but I never let it go. This weekend was the third and final straw to solidify that this old habit and pattern needs to change. It’s time for me to lean on others, and not take on the challenges of the world. It’s time to be more open, more authentic, and let my guard down a little.

It’s Time to Clean Up Some Internal Trash. I’ve rarely muttered the words of the hurt I’ve harbored all my life, mainly due to the strong rock of a person I’ve portrayed myself to be. It was too hard to show I needed anything when I was trying to be everything for everyone else. Now I realize it’s the perfect time to work through any past hurts, disappointments, and sadness that I never grieved for. And I’m finally okay to do that, knowing I simply need that space.

Nature is My Calling Card. There is something about being in nature and among amazing scenery that lifts my spirits, and tunes me into the divine connection. I don’t get out in nature enough, and it’s time to make the outdoors a priority. It’s what feeds me, and living in Colorado nature is my backyard. Now it’s time to make it my playground.

Overdoing is Just Plain Stupid. I love disconnecting, not checking Facebook for a few days, not answering emails, or seeing anything that is happening with the world. It gives me a chance to connect and to feel what’s happening. Busyness is the symptom to hiding things we don’t want to feel. I realized not feeling those feelings is just another log on the fire of stuck-ness. I’m putting out that fire, so I’m won’t be feeding it any more logs.

Life is to Be Enjoyed – Not Endured. Taking a vacation with my sister and best friend proved to be just what the doctor ordered. There were plenty of laughs, a handful of tears, and lots of visions about the future. What better way to spend this precious time we have on this beautiful planet we call Earth.


  1. Janice Earhart says:

    It takes courage to slow down and reflect on our lives. Thanks for sharing the journey. You are correct staying busy is seductive. It is easy to get caught up in our busyness.
    I love the desert to quiet my spirit….it appears it did the same for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing ur journey + lovely photos of your ‘backyard’.

  3. Thanks for sharing so openly Andrea. It takes courage to be vulnerable like that.

    I love the idea of Colorado as your playground. Before I moved to Colorado, I used to look at maps of the West and drool over how much nothing there was between Denver and Phoenix and Salt Lake City and all the way to California. And I said to my spouse more than once: “if we move to Denver, this big emptiness will be my playground! Indeed it is… and I too am feeling that urge to get out and play more.

    I was also, just today, reading an article about repressing feelings… something I’ve done a lot of and am working to grow beyond. And, indeed, busyness was noted as one of the many ways in which we avoid feeling our feelings.

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