The Return of “Me-March”

Last March I battled fatigue, exhaustion, and overwhelm. This year, while I see that I have a different battle I am fighting, I find that March is a time to focus on me.  I am making the commitment to return the idea of “Me-March” (which I implemented in 2010)  and I invite you to join  me.

Last night, on my birthday, I ventured over to a new dancing studio and took a NIA class, one of my favorite movement activities.  It was so freeing, and it made me realize the ultra importance of moving my body and releasing stress, anxiety, and anything else that is stored away in my muscles and memory. For some reason, I let these passions go as I get “busy” doing, doing, doing. Ugh!

My birthday always brings about a time of reflection. It also brings up a lot of “should’s” too.  When I think back to my young high school days and recall what I envisioned for my life, what it would look like at my current age,  that vision is  nothing like what it is in the moment.

As a kid, I thought I’d be married, with a family. But over the years that desire dissipated and I found myself focused more on committed partnerships and even more focused on pursuing a dream and living a passion-filled life.

I “should” have known better, even as a teenager I had trouble accepting status quo and mediocrity.

In March, I’m committed to taking plenty of time for myself. Resting as much as I can, reflecting about where I have been, honoring what I have accomplished, and focusing on leaping into my 33rd year in this earth body.

I can’t be sure of what this year will bring for me, but I know one thing, I will give it everything I have.  I will give 100% to those things to which I am committed, and at the same time I will also let go of all that no longer serves me.  Lately life has been a reminder that our time here on this planet is too short, and even one minute wasted is too much.

What are you doing to honor yourself this month?


  1. I am spending writing time with wonderful friends like you, allowing my creative spirit to show up in my work. I am energized when I spend time with people who are waking up to and stepping into their power. That is why I like spending time with you!

  2. Hurray to Me-March!


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