How to Bring Your Book to Life

How To Bring Your Book To Life This Year

How To Bring Your Book to Life This Year: A Guidebook on Writing and Self-Publishing is now available.

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Surveyed results show that 81% of the population desires to write a book at some point in their lifetime. Over 170,000 titles are published each year in the United States alone. These numbers have been increasingly on the rise due to the ease and ability for authors to self-publish through less traditional standards.

“Self-publishing is becoming one of the fastest and most convenient ways for authors to get their books out into the world,” says Lisa Shultz co-author.

“Getting started and writing the book turns out to be the hardest part for many aspiring authors. We believe the first book is the hardest. Just get that first one done and you’ll be able to quickly start churning out more books,” says Andrea Costantine. “If writing a book is really on the top of your list of things to do in your lifetime, there’s no better time in history than right now to write that book.”

Here is what others are saying about the book How To Bring Your Book To Life This Year:

“I started writing a book on business giving strategies 5 years ago. My manuscript has been sitting on a shelf for a long while as I have been overwhelmed with all things needed to finish it up. Finding and reading How to Bring Your Book to Life Th is Year has given me renewed faith that I CAN write and publish a book. And, following Andrea and Lisa’s detailed guidance, I now know I can successfully get my book out into the world at long last. Th is comprehensive and easy to read book tells me exactly what I need to do including how to sequence all the steps. I am excited again! This book is so helpful and encouraging – it will help you bring your dream to life, too! Thanks Andrea and Lisa!”
~ Susan Hyatt, M.S., Author of Strategy for Good

How to Bring Your Book to Life this Year is truly amazing! Not only is it an easy to use and follow step by step approach to creating and bringing your book to the world, it provides techniques to get you beyond those things that have kept you from writing the book you always wanted to write. For anyone contemplating the idea of writing and publishing a book, Andrea and Lisa’s book is a must read! I wish I had had it as a guide before my first book came out.”
~ Carol Calkins, PhD, Author of Bring Poetry to Life